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Πασχαλιές γέρνουν και σου φιλούν τα χέρια απ’ το Μεγαλοβδόμαδο ως την Πρωτομαγιά περιμένουν να τους τσακίσεις τα κλωνάρια να φτιάξεις Μαγιάτικα στεφάνια να τα κρεμάσεις στην πόρτα σου να ευωδιάσει το κατώφλι σου αγάπη μου. Kι ύστερα δέσε στο … Continue reading

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I’ve waited for you

and when I saw you after so many days of endless waiting minutes I turned my back and walked away for your face reminded me how much I like dreams

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I wonder (2)

When I see you exit as I approach I wonder how it must be in the land of shadows in the land of no shade that’s made your heart black so black it justifies the treachery.

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Recreations of merriments

Snippets of smiles confined in a derelict kitchen with a dark attic half covering the room that engulfs our uncertainty whitewashed with expectations stabbings with futile weapons must not pass the door. So many memories float above recreations of merriments…

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To the one who left

Everyone failed you but we won’t tell them you and me we knew each other on the phone almost every night

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