No point in turning back the minutes one by one
better to climb on the eagle’s back
you’ve wasted enough time
time is catching up
the steps still lead

You won’t be fooled this time
you’ll stay away
and be responsible
you’ll remain silent
and be wise
maybe even a little kind
– the way you define kindness –
until provoked
then it won’t be your fault

What would you say to yourself
during strength training?
Gather more evidence
you are in control
stay away from even polite acts
with no meaning
while the insatiable tapping of three syllables
will be coming to your throat.

It’s softer the shawl of protection in the second round
the third phase of the moon is full of empty promises
to stay behind the defence lines
and defend your better strategy

and so you tap away in the dark
forsaken by the night that woke you up

you became a spectator –finally
as demanded by the defences
you’ll reinforce the walls properly this time
-no chipping away –
relinquished the right to bomb or sabotage
peace spreads in your front line
and surrendered you stay behind the defence lines
protecting the uncovered space

you wished to burn in…

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